Most Current Aerial Photo Coverage 2002

The above graphic represents the most current aerial photographic coverage of the underling counties. The "RED" line shows the extent of the photo coverage. Approximately 460 photos cover this area. The imagery shown was flown in B/W with 60% forward overlap and 30% side lap from an altitude of approximately 13,200' above mean terrain additional information is available in the pa_crts ".dbf" file. These photos were taken in November of 2002.

The aerial photography covered is available in a photographic print in a variety of scales and mosaic sizes. It is also available in a digital format (tiff, jpg, ecw, sid etc). Digital orthos will be available in the near future, we are currently in the rectification process.

For individuals familiar with ArcView and other mapping software that support ESRI shapefiles a more detailed form of photo coverage is available for download. This data is a shapefile and will show photo centers and individual photo coverage. We have also included roads, counties, and cities this data will help ordinate the photo coverage with land marks. The data is in decimal degrees.

ArcExplorer is a free program available from ESRI.  This software will  view these shapefiles. 


The file photo_coverages will show the extents of the negative 

The file pa_ctrs will show the photo center

Additional data are

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