Digital orthophotos are geographically and geometrically corrected aerial images.

Ace Aerial Photography uses KLT Atlas softcopy analytical stereo plotters for orthophoto production.

Negatives are scanned using a Vexcel 5000 photogrammetric scanner. These scanners provide pixel accuracy of +/- 2 microns.

The process of ortho rectification incorporates:

(1) Aerotriangulation, which provide the position and attitude of the camera at exposure(2) Surface elevation model (or Digital Terrain Model) (3) Scanned imagery

Typical pixel resolutions for these images are .5 foot for 1"=100' final scale maps and 1 foot for 1"=200' final scale map. 

Digital orthophotos provide an image backdrop in GIS / mapping applications. The information these images provided is a perfect supplement to traditional map data.
The orthophoto process applies photogrammetric methods to eliminate distortions errors found in traditional aerial photography. These distortions are present in aerial photography that has not been ortho rectified. A number of distortion factors including the camera lens, camera tip and tilt, ground surface relief and radial feature displacement from the photo center.

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