New at Ace Aerial is the HP Designjet 5000 printer.

This printer allows us to create photo-relisitic images of almost any size, on a wide variaty of medias.



Made in Austria the Vexcel5000 scanner has optical resolutions of 5Ám (5080dpi).

This scanner maintains a +/-2Ám geometeric accuracy making the Vexcel an excellant choice when the imagery is to be used in photogrammetry.

With the automatied roll film adapter unattended scanning becomes possiable.

Digitized images are delivered on cd-rom in many of the standard image formats.


Ace Aerial maintains a full service color and black and white lab.   Our processors are all automatic for quality control in film and print development. We  use the latest in computer controlled enlargers. With this equipment we are able to customize your aerial photographic needs. Whether you are looking for an 8x10 aerial or a large 6 foot mosaic we can meet your requirements  with  accuracy and quality.

Our ZBE computerized enlarger provides outstanding quality controlled color and B&W photography.



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