GCAM Aerial Mapping - Topographic / Planimetric Mapping

Photogrammetric Services

Contour Map

Topographic Maps

Topographic maps can vary in contour interval. GCAM can customize a flight for any interval that your project may require. Skilled photogrammetrists compile these maps. These specialists have years of experience in providing topogrphic maps used by engineers and other professionals that require high accuracy topographic maps.


Planimetric Map

Planimeteric Maps

Planimetric maps are used as the base maps for most GIS. These maps show features such as buildings, roads, hydrology, veetations, and utilities. These and other objects are just a few things that can be mapped and used in your GIS.

Volumetric Calculations

Volumetric Calculations

Stockpile volume can be calculated using aerial photography. The stockpile is cut into cross sections and the volume is calculated for each section. The process requires no down time, and results are available in 2-3 days. The accuracy is typically between 2-5%.


When it's about the accuracy we have the equipment and experienced staff neccesary to produce the accuracy your project requires.