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Aerial Photography

Leica RC 30 Mapping Camera

Cessna U206 & TU206

Our Cessna U206 and Turbo 206 are the standard of the industry when it comes to single engine aerial photography. Both aircraft are instrument equipped and carry the latest in satellite navigation to insure precise area acquisition. TrackAir controls both the companies RC-30 mapping camera.  We also offer airborne GPS(AbGPS) and IMU with the DMC camera.  AbGPS will reduce the number of ground placed control points while mainting the level of accuracy needed for mapping projects.  Both RC-30 cameras have a 150mm lens and a stabilized camera platform.  Our cameras are certification by the Manufacturer and the USGS.


Leica DMC

We have current photography of all counties in Oklahoma.

Ace Aerial also maintains an image archive covering many parts of Oklahoma as early as 1947.

As always, research on photography anywhere in the USA is Free!