GCAM Aerial Mapping and Photography


Gulf Coast Aerial Mapping and Ace Aerial LLC provide complete photogrammetric solutions.  Our services include -

  • Aerial photography
  • Analytical triangulation
  • Planimetric mapping
  • Contour mapping
  • Volumetric calculations
  • Photo geo-referencing
  • Orthophotography and mosaics
  • GIS compilation,
  • Data editing and customization

Service and Support

GCAM / Ace has collected hundreds of thousands of line-miles of aerial imagery and data throughout the central, south central and gulf coast regions.  Our experienced staff, pilots and technicians have what is needed when working with many variables that affect an aerial survey mission. From planning and completion of airborne operations we have experience operating in many challenging environments and know how to work effectively with air traffic control to gain access to restricted or high-density airspace.


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Let Ace scan your aerial film using a Vexcel photogrammetric large format scanner.  Made in Austria the Vexcel 5000 scanner has an optical resolution of 5µm (5080dpi).  This scanner maintains a +/-2µm geometric accuracy making the Vexcel an excellent choice when the imaery is to be used in photogrammetry.  Call today for more Information!

GCAM / Ace is proud to announce the addition of a Leica DMC large format digital camera.  We now have 2 - RC 30 film mapping cameras with PAV30 Stabilized mount  both have a fully computer/GPS controlled flight management system providing precision aerial mapping and survey image acquisition.

Oklahoma City adds AirBorne GPS


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