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grid.jpg (8902 bytes)This grid represents a square mile divided into quarter sections.


Please be sure to include what quarter of the photo you are interested in (i.e. NW, NE, SW, SE). You will also need to include to photo number. This is located on the photo as well as on the page displaying the photo (example: Section 19 T10N-R3W). If you are interested in the entire square mile let us know when ordering. When ordering other photo not shown in the storm area we need to know what the Range, Township and Section number. If you are not sure what this is  a street address is acceptable if a site map is faxed to our office with the order, this will insure that we print the correct area.


Since 1947 Ace Aerial Photography has been photographing Oklahoma and states bordering Oklahoma.  We have negatives on file that we print from. Most of our negatives will produce a scale up to 1"=400' and in some cases we can get a larger scale. We fly Oklahoma City and Tulsa yearly as well as many of the other towns and cites in this area.  We also routinely make special flights to produce photos to specific needs.


These are actual photographs printed on Kodak photographic paper. The Storm photos are one quarter of a square mile and are printed at an approximate scale of 1"=200'. This quarter section is on a sheet measuring 16x20 inches. If a you are interested in the complete mile please see custom orders.

We are not able to take orders over the internet.
Please call 1.888.219.3456 or if calling from Oklahoma City call 405.842.3456 .



Custom orders can be made on any of the photos seen on this site or out of file. A custom order would be any photo that we do not already have printed and ready for sale. Examples would be a photo to a different scale or one covering more area than what is already printed. The photos of the storm damage are the only photos that we have already printed.

We can print most photos seen on this site at a scale of 1"=400' to as large as 1"=200'.


A scale in this case is a measurement taken from one point to another on a photograph and how it relates to actual real world size. An example is 1"=200' this means for every inch measured on the photograph it is approximately 200 feet in the real world.

An entire square mile printed at a scale of 1"=200' would measure 26.4"x26.4" and would be printed on a sheet 30x30 inches. That same square mile printed at a scale of 1"=400' would measure 13.2"x13.2" and would be printed on a sheet 16x20 inches(we use 16x20 instead of 16x16 because that size is already precut out of the box.)


Our prices vary depending on the size and scale of the photograph to how much geography is covered.

However the photos of the storm damage are priced at a discount. Please give us a call !

Please call for custom order information and prices.

Shipping and handling is extra and tax applies to Oklahoma residents. At time of order please let us know which method of shipping you would like.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Check and cash.

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